The annual Garden Tour is the reason the children are able to participate in the following Enrichment programs that broaden their learning experience.

Arts Academy


THE AFTER SCHOOL ARTS ACADEMY provides music and drama to interested students and may be the experience a budding young thespian or musician needs beyond the academics of the classroom. Chorus, violin, guitar and drama (a spring production) provide opportunities for self expression.

Introduction to guitar

After School Classes


NEW AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAMS have been added to the school experience. The purpose is to reach out and involve more students. Classes include, Spanish, knitting/material crafts and Mad Science, Sign Language, Lego Club, Chess, and more!

Examining a “Mad Science” experiment



A variety of assemblies are provided throughout the year to enhance the curriculum in the areas of science, character development, theater, and music.

Learning Braille. “A Touch of Understanding” teaches 4th graders compassion and understanding for people with disabilities and differences.

 Field Trips


Each class is awarded funds to use to participate in off site educational opportunities that enhance the curriculum of their grade level.

The 2nd grade classes experience the “Wetlands” while getting their feet wet!