The programs that we offer at David Lubin support our STEAM focus by creating critical thinkers for the 21st century. The following programs expose the children of David Lubin to learning in a variety of ways to further their academic careers.


Academic Outreach

academicACADEMIC OUTREACH, such as the Children Assistance Program, aides, creates smaller group settings enabling students to participate in instruction tailored to their specific academic needs. Perhaps this is just the extra mentoring a child may need to encourage them to believe in themselves and go on to college.

The Language Arts Exchange (LAX) works with smaller groups of children at the same academic level.


The Art Program


OUR SCHOOL-WIDE ART DOCENT, Miss Jane, provides every classroom on campus with exciting and completely hands-on art lessons complimented by art history classes that relate directly to grade level standards.

Creating a masterpiece with geometric shapes in one of the weekly art classes. Find out more about the art program on the art blog.


The School Gardens


David Lubin’s school gardens began in the spring of 2002 with a ceremonial  planting of three trees to honor those lost in the World Trade Center.  These humble beginnings have blossomed into what is now the school’s beloved Peace Garden.  As is often true with nature, the seeds have spread throughout the school and two new gardens are beginning to sprout.  Come and enjoy the newly renovated Teaching Garden along with the “Kinder Garden” and its companion The Friendship Garden.

Salvia spathacea is one of the many plants in the garden. Its common name is hummingbird sage, because hummingbirds are attracted to it.

The Music Program

Our newest addition to our Arts curriculum is our Music Instructor, Ariana Hunt, who provides music education and hands-on instruction to students in several grades during the school day. The funds we raise from the Garden Tour allow us to pay for this crucial enrichment opportunity.