Garden Tour Poster Art

Each year, the East Sac Garden Tour features a local artist on the poster and promotional materials for the event. We are so thankful for the artwork we’ve received over the years. Please check back on this page to see more poster art from years past.

2021 Poster Art

Our amazing art teacher Ms. Jane did it again. She worked with the 3rd graders form the 2019-2020 school year to create this vibrant, beautiful and masterful work of art.

2019 Poster Art

It gives us great pride to present the 2019 poster artists… our very own 3rd Grade students! Lead by the amazing Ms. Jane, they all helped to create this beautiful work of art.

2018 Poster Artist:

Sarah Cray is a Californian based watercolor artist, wife, and mother of two daughters. Graduated Magna Cum Laude from CSUS in 2015 with a degree in Art studio, emphasis in painting and drawing, she has been creating custom watercolor and acrylic paintings for the last four years and has used this last year to grow her small side business into her dream career. Having contracts with Amber Lotus Publishing and West Elm, Cray hopes to bring joy through her whimsical watercolors.

2017 Poster Artist:

Nicole Roberts - East Sac Garden Tour Poster Artist
Nicole Roberts

Nicole Roberts is a native of Sacramento. Her art career began at the age of three when her father took her to his favorite community center ceramics class, and she made her first bowl. Since then she’s had the desire to leave things more colorful and decorated than when she found them. While studying studio art in college, Nicole was invited to participate in her first group show for the Second Saturday Artwalk where she sold her first painting.

In 2005, she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art from California State University, Sacramento. After graduation, Nicole continued to create art, exhibit her work, and travel in search of new inspiration. Her work has been called “Pop Nature,” a term that describes her clean, bold, and vibrant views of flowers and nature. Much of her art focuses on nature transitioning at the edge of a season: Magnolias, Dogwood flowers, blossoming trees and wildflowers in the spring; berries and barren bamboo in the winter; Cattails and dandelions in summer; and the golden Ginko leaves and other foliage of Sacramento’s famous trees in the fall.

As well as exhibiting her work for sale and personal commissions, Nicole has donated many of her paintings to help support art in public schools and cancer research. She maintains a studio in the East Sac home she shares with her husband and their two children.